EURO ROAD design group LLC Skopje, Republic of Macedonia is a company with international experience in the field of consulting services in the construction and design of roads, civil engineering structures from civil engineering, as well as other construction facilities. The company is composed of two departments: Departments for Design and Supervision and Central Road Laboratory.

Our engineering staff with a high degree of domestic and international experience, participate in the design and revision of technical documentation for roads, highways, airports, parking lots, roadside assistance objects (toll stations, customs terminals and similar), traffic solutions, preparation of tender documentation and construction supervision.

EURO ROAD design group LLC Skopje, officially exists and was founded on August 16th, 2011 with a legal act in the Primary Court Skopje – R.Macedonia as Consulting, Engineering and Designing Company with an official registration number 30120120025036, registered in the central register of R.Macedonia.

Following modern technologies in the field of implementation and practical implementation of project management, as well as drawing long years of practical experience in leading consulting companies in the world, we are building our company which is based on the knowledge of our experts who are working and applying international standards.

Organizational chart

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Manager: Mr.Slađan Stojanovski